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Love in a Locket: Seto/Mokuba
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This community contains anywhere from an average sibling relationship to a sexual relationship between brothers. Underage relationships are also featured. Please use judgement when joining the community. By joining, you agree that these views are not an issue for you, and you are legal to view these materials in your area.

Please feel free to post anything that has to do with this pairing, whether it be fanfiction, pictures, or any other items. These can be something you created or something you've found on the internet (but please be kind and give the author/artist credit!). Items can range from having the brothers romantically involved to just being siblings. Character-centric pieces are also acceptable.

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The Locket Pair Fanfic Archive can be found at lp_archive. Check the user info for a list of the LP fanfic authors in alphabetical order.

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--Be kind to everyone.
--No flames.
--Respect people's views. Everyone will like different extents of the Kaiba brother's relationship.
--Please put spoiler warnings and all spoilers behind an lj-cut.

As far as fanfic and fanart goes:
--Please put behind an lj-cut. Some people have slower connections and uncut items can make it a very long time for pages to load.
--Give proper warning outside of the lj-cut for content (whether it's a nothing picture/fic to hardcore written/drawn sex scenes). This will help users know which things to look and which things they may not like.
--Give credit to those deserving.
--Links to pictures and fanfics are fine.
--When commenting, be respectful. Feel free to give constructive criticism, but make sure it does not cross the boundary into cruel comments.
--Give spoiler warnings for your fanfic/fanart if required.

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Here's a header you can grab:

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Welcome to the Locket Pair Monthly Challenge! Every month a word/phrase will be given to help spark a creative idea for fanfiction, fanart, icons, discussion...anything! Find out more information about the monthly challenge here.

Have an idea of a word you would like to see featured for the monthly challenge? Found a perfect phrase that you think works well for the Kaiba brothers? Comment with all your ideas here. Comments are screened.

To see previously used words/phrases, check out the lp_archive for the list here.

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SetoxMokuba is love!
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